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Imagine what it would be like to be on the other side of confusion, living in clarity and singleness of purpose, and having a greater impact?

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You Can Turn Failure Into Success!

If you are like me I'm sure you have failed more times than you care to remember. I shared with you last week some of the things I was doing that were causing me to fail repeatedly. To put it in very basic terms, this is what I was doing...


I want to say that loud and clear. Here are some of the ways I was consistently giving my power away:

  • Being a super-conformist... a "Good Girl" obeying all the rules. (Even if I didn’t believe it or agreed with it)

  • Believing other people had all the answers for me

  • Believing I wasn't enough

  • Believing I didn't know enough

  • Living in "Comparison" always looking outside myself

  • Avoiding Conflict (I didn't want to have difficult conversations)

  • Afraid to say what I really thought

  • I took a vow of invisibility (I was afraid to be seen for who I truly am)

  • I didn't allow my light to fully shine because I didn't want to make others feel uncomfortable

  • False humility

  • And on and on

I shared that with you today because I got to a place where I wanted to be done with not living my full potential.

I read a book by renowned author and leadership guru, John C. Maxwell that helped me reframe the way I thought about failure, and that book was entitled "Failing Forward!"  I began to reframe what I thought about failure. 

“I no longer saw it as a life-long sentence but an event, an experience, to help me start again smarter!”

You Can Always Start Again Wiser!

Beloved, are you ready to be guided to you your greatest moment and own your power?

YES… You can absolutely turn your failures into success and OWN YOUR POWER!

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  • Live in true SPIRITUAL SUCCESS

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