Get Ready For True Transformation!


Your Next-Level Transformation Starts Now!


Are You Tired Of All The Questions, Setbacks, And Obstacles Blocking Your Success?

Are You Ready to Admit That You Are  Stuck At The Same Level  With The Same Struggles?

It's Time To Step Up And Allow The Real YOU To Emerge and Fulfill Your Authentic Spiritual Assignment.

Get Ready To Unlock The Hidden Power of Your Divine Mind And Active True Mindset Mastery That Will Allow You To Win and keep winning!

Beloved, this is the time to take a major leap into a new reality.  A reality where you are consciously aware that you are powerful, sovereign, and consciously creating your desired reality. Get ready to live life as a full expression of your potential and Truth!

No more sitting on the sidelines of life wondering why you can't seem to figure it out. So many others have crossed over and are now living their best life but you are still stuck, confused, and frustrated.

99 percent of what's holding you back is your MINDSET!  What you are thinking, feeling, and believing on a subconscious level is calling the shots and SABOTAGING your life!

If you are ready to overcome the obstacles blocking you from living your best life, This is the training course for you.

Join Dr. E. In An
All-New Transformation Training...

12-Month Spiritual Success  Transformation System


12 is the number of completeness, authority, and divine rule! 

This 12-month training will set you on a course to BE your best self. This strategic system will be a master key with which you may open the many doors of the Kingdom of God within you!

I want you to get ready to bring an end to the disappointment of missing the mark.

You know you are here to experience more. As you understand and unlock the latent power of your soul, you will no longer:

  • Live through your shadow codes

  • Exchange one ego-producing effect for another

  • Participate in the miscreation of your life experiences

  • Misjudge Your value and unique abilities

  • Hold yourself, hostage, to the misconceptions of limitation and fear

  • Look for answers from misaligned relationships

It's Your Time!

The Spiritual Success Way!

Who Will Be In Your Ear For The Next Year?

When you learn to properly use the power of the conscious and subconscious mind through heightened awareness, you will understand that everything in the outer world is only secondary to the inner world of consciousness and our focus begins to change from without to within! 

This course will be the catalyst that births true and lasting transformation in your life.

Join me in this All-new 12-month Transformation Training Program as we unlock the secret to your hidden power to produce a high-level living experience. You can live life and have the impact you know you are here to produce.

This is your time to rise up and come into alignment with your true purpose--your spiritual assignment (destiny)!

Imagine what your life will be like once you put away the confusion of purpose and learn to use your creative power to manifest your true desires! 

Imagine what your life will be like when you have: 

  • awakened out of sleep
  •  the right tools

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Courage to take action 

  • greater understanding to support you in winning in life continually!

Here's A Peak Into What You'll Discover!

12- Month Transformation Training Program

We Will Reinforce Mindset Mastery Topics And Continue Building Upon This Foundation.


12- Month Transformation System

  • Guiding Principle Training

    Three Weekly Virtual Gatherings in a safe and sacred community. You'll get lifetime access, downloadable lessons, and of course, bonus lessons!

  • Q&A and Coaching

    Weekly Guiding Principle Clarity Session where you will receive answers to your questions, mini-coaching, and a one-one Coaching Option. You can request an accountability partner AND SO MUCH MORE!

  • Lifetime Access

    You will have lifetime access. You can take your time and revisit program materials as needed!


Spiritual Success Mentor

Elona Sanders

Dr. Elona Sanders is a cutting-edge Empowerment Expert with over 40 years of experience as a Master Teacher, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, and Private Mentor. She is the Founder of Spiritual Success Life, LLC, and With her extensive background as a Senior Pastor, Dr. E. brings her vast experience as a Transformation Catalyst to be an instrument of breakthrough and empowerment. This transformation journey with Dr. E., designed specifically for Highly Sensitive Leaders, you will be given the Spiritual Success Tools™ you need to discover and remove the unconscious blocks derailing your life and empower you to create and live your best life! This is not your typical training course full of information with no implementation.  You will want to work together with Dr. E. to achieve maximum results.



What Others Are Saying!

Personal Coaching Breakthrough

Dr. Linda M. Jones

It is with poignant gratitude and deep appreciation that I write this missive! I am SOOOOOOOO thankful that you chose to "take me by my hand" and walk with me through several DELIVERANCE during our time together! Mere words seem inadequate to describe my deepest feelings of joy and Peace which I have experienced since being on this journey with you and your guidance! All I TRULY can say is THANK YOU Mighty woman of God for your LOVING service to HUMANKIND!‼ Because of your dedication to ABBA and His people, I am "SEEING" clearer now‼

So Glad I Am Here!

Aundrea Abbott

I am not sure how this class is working but it is working and I am glad! The information I am learning resonates with me, I am happy that the things Dr. Sanders is teaching us match what is being said on the inside of me which makes it even easier to accept. I am glad I am in this class. This is a worthwhile investment and what I love the most, I KNOW I am becoming a master creator. I know that I am!

Spiritual Success Life

Marcus Guy

Dear Dr. E, I wanted to thank you for the wisdom that you have given especially in the last few weeks. I want to tell you that I have had such a wonderful breakthrough. Some very deep wounds were addressed along with hope and vision. Disconnecting from 3D space and time brings us into another realm where we can have access to information and experiences from God. I know that this is just the beginning that will continue to grow with more practice. This inner sacred work was not burdensome but joyful and I look forward to continuing and growing. Thanks and Selah


Tish Bell, The Money Coach

Training with Dr. E. was amazing. My Real Estate staff and I attended every morning. Through this training, the spirit of Intimidation which I suffered for over 27 years was broken! There was such vital and life-changing information that invoked me to think outside of the box and take authority over my destiny.


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Tuition options

You have the option to pay a full or take advantage of the easy-breezie two payment option!



Your Next-Level Transformation Starts Now!

Your mind is full of secret power! It’s time to unlock the superpower of your divine mind! I know you have heard this over and over; the Proverbial writer declares, “As a man thinketh, so is he!”
Unlock Your Mind Image


Your Next-Level Transformation Starts Now!

I know you may have heard this over and over that everything you need to succeed is already within or around you. The truth is beloved; you have been given a master-key. You possess all things that pertain to life and godliness! You may say, “If I already have this master-key, why can’t I prosper–why can’t I get ahead?”
Open Mind Image